Flooring is a prime part of any space whether it is residential, commercial or even official. Both tile flooring and Hardwood flooring are derivatives of natural resources but both have a different stage of comparison when it comes to picking the best flooring material.

Wood flooring has been a favorite amongst people who wanted to incorporate a classy appeal to their special spaces but there have always been limitations when it comes to having wooden flooring installed. Wood does not work well with places that are exposed to moisture. It also shrivels at the contact of heat. Wood flooring has a limited lifespan and continuously needs maintenance in terms of polishing. Wood flooring is difficult to clean and also very expensive in terms of the entire expenditure it would require on its upkeep.

But the beauty and appeal of wood cannot be denied and it is for this reason that the flooring industry has worked out a way to provide both durability and beauty through a mix of wood look and tile material that is ceramic. Ceramic tiles are very hard and have a very long life span. Installing wooden flooring is a very tough thing to do while wood look tiles made of ceramic or porcelain are very simple to install and also replace because of its varying shapes and dimensions that can be applied to all areas effectively.

Wood look ceramic tiles work well in moisture laden areas like bathrooms, kitchen and even busy spots like garage, court yards etc. Ceramic feels like wood but in the core aspect it is stronger than every other flooring material.

For those who are style conscious Ceramic Tile Floor come in a vast color array ranging from chestnut tone to Cherry wood tone, Tan wood tone, Natural wood tone, tobacco wood tone, Walnut wood tone etc. Wood tiles are much better than wood flooring as they provide the ease of maintenance and also the appeal that lays unmatched by most. Wood tiles can be fitted every where and can grace the posh places as well as complement regular spots with equal strength and uniqueness that not even wood flooring can manage.