If you’re considering an accounting career or auditing, opportunities are there for making. As per the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Occupational Outlook Handbook edition 2008-09, the accounting field is expected to see a significant increase in employment during the time period of 2006 until 2016. Accounting jobs are projected to increase by 18 percent between 2006 and 2016. This rate is higher than the average of all professions. The forecast predicts that around 26,000 new accounting positions will come up in the next ten years. The rapid growth of auditing and accounting jobs is expected to come from the economic boom as well as changes in financial regulations, and a more strict approach to corporate governance. Accounting career opportunities could be created due to adjustments to the standards for financial reporting as well as business investments in mergers and acquisitions as well as other developments that are expected to trigger increased scrutinization of accounting practices and the financials of companies. The growth in accounting jobs is also motivated by the need to increase accountability of government agencies. In the Handbook applicants with a master’s level and who have obtained certification of licensure or certification, and have a solid understanding of accounting software and auditing are likely to have the most lucrative career possibilities.Boekhouder ZZP Haarlem

What do auditors and accountants perform? The job of accountants and auditors is broad. In general accountants and auditors create analyses, review, and report on financial data for clients which could be government agencies, corporations or non-profit organisations, as well as individuals. However, the specific descriptions of auditors and accountants differ depending on the nature of auditing and accounting job.

What accounting career opportunities exist? There are four major areas of auditing and accounting, which include public government accounting, management and internal auditing.

Public accounting jobs: Accountants offer a variety of consultancy services related to auditing, accounting tax and other financial tasks. A job in public accounting position involves offering assistance to businesses or individuals to help them gain specific tax benefits and also making and filing return of income taxes. External auditors are accountable for the auditing of financial statements for firms to verify that they are prepared correctly. Public accountants are often able to earn the designation of certified public accountant (CPA) and may be independent or within public accounting firms.

Jobs in management accounting: Manager accountants create and analyze financial data of the businesses that they are employed by. If you choose to pursue an accounting career in management you’d be responsible for ensuring budgets are maintained, managing costs, analyzing financial information in the preparation of financial reports, and managing assets of the company.

Careers in government accounting: A position in public accounting would mean that you’d be employed by the Federal government agency, State and local agency of government. Accountants in government are responsible for analyzing and maintaining their financial reports of the organizations. They are also accountable for auditing private firms as well as individuals. For example, accountants working for The Internal Revenue Service are employed by the federal government to audit the tax receipts of businesses as well as individuals. Additionally, they are charged with making sure that various government agencies are spending according to the applicable laws and regulations.

Internal auditing jobs Internal auditors are accountable to ensure the records on financials of a business or individual are up-to-date. They investigate fraud and violations of laws, and assist in preventing financial losses. Other duties of an internal auditor could include reports on audits, giving advice on changes or recommendations to the company’s operations and/or financial activities, looking over information regarding the firm’s liabilities, assets investments, income, and expenditures in the preparation of reports and financial statements, as well as evaluating the company’s policies and regulations of the government.

What are the education requirements for the profession of accounting or auditing? The responsibilities of an accountant will differ depending on the type of accounting you choose to focus on or the type of accounting career you’d like to work in. In addition, if you’re seeking a career in auditing or accounting your education and training requirements will differ based on the job you are in. The majority of accounting positions require at minimum an undergraduate education in the field of accounting, or another related field, but certain employers choose applicants who have an accounting master’s degree or a master’s level in business administration, with an emphasis in accounting.

Accreditation and licensing for accounting positions only CPAs are allowed to file accounts for the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). If you’re interested in a career with an organization that is accredited with the SEC then you must be certified as CPA CPA by the State Board of Accountancy. A majority of States have a requirement for CPA applicants to have a college degree and possess some experience in accounting. For the privilege of becoming a CPA you must pass an examination that is four parts designed for you by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). This is legally required in all States.

Things that will help boost your career in accounting:
Experience in auditing or accounting, for example, experience gained through the summer or in part-time internship programs, can increase your chances of securing the accounting position.
The ability to use the use of computers and financial software can make you a better applicant for an accounting job.

What skills are you required to be successful in your accounting profession? If you’re considering accounting careers then you should:
Must be proficient in math , and you must possess excellent analytical abilities
o communicate effectively
Be a good worker with others
You should have a basic understanding of accounting
You should be aware of the accounting software

If you’re thinking seriously about the career options in accounting or auditing Information is available through the following companies:

O AACSB International
O American Institute of Certified Public Accountants
O National Association of State Boards of Accountancy
Institute of Management Accountants
Accreditation Council for Accountancy and Taxation
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