The tourism industry worldwide is growing rapidly. The amount of domestic as in international travelers has nearly tripled.  Kayak Rentals Maui Tourism is responsible for greater than $800 billion in revenue and is projected to increase by 200% over the next five years.

In addition, tourism in a large way boosts the economy indirectly due to its connections with other industries such as the horticulture industry, agriculture as well as poultry, handicrafts and construction.

Career in Travel & Tourism

Tourism and travel is the United States’ 2nd largest export of services, the 3rd largest trade industry , and one of the biggest employers. There are a variety of courses to help you become an integral part of this industry.

If you enjoy interacting with other people and travel to different places and are interested in the service sector which is why the career path in tourism is perfect for you.  Maui Kayak Rental You could be an agent for travel, guide or tour operator or adventure travel guide, airline service employees and more.

You can choose to take an accredited diploma or certificate program in tourism or travel. You can pick one of the following: Travel Agent Certificate program, Tour operator Certificate course, Airline Certificate course, Cruise Line Certification course or Hospitality classes Tourism Management, and many more.

What can you expect to know?

You must possess a strong business sense to work an effective travel professional. A tourism course will help you understand all the aspects of becoming a successful travel professional. The topics that are taught include:

  • National Air travel and International Air travel
  • Cruise Lines
  • Travel and reservations for trains
  • Accommodations and Lodging
  • Tour packages
  • Reservation and fare structures
  • On various destinations
  • Quality Management
  • Project Supervision
  • Fundamentals of Tourism Management
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Marketing Strategies

There are numerous opportunities for employment in the private and public sectors. Within the government sector, people could work for tourism departments or directorates. Many interesting possibilities are offered by the private sector, such as Airlines, Tours Operators, Travel Agencies, Hotels and many more.

Jobs Profiles in various Industries

Tourism Department
In the department of tourism, there are jobs available in counter staff, reservations as well as sales and marketing tours planners, tour guides. There are also opportunities to work in departments and directorates of tourism. You can be involved in the development and promotion of tourism-related activities.

Airlines can provide you with an exciting and lucrative job alternative. There are many opportunities for employment such as a Traffic Assistant or Reservations Staff as well as Bookings Managers as well as Air hostesses and Stewarts sales and marketing personnel as well as other positions.

Travel Agencies
Agents employed by Travel Agencies are used to market tours. They arrange accommodation, travel, currency conversion, budgets, specific requirements, tourist attractions and also plan. Tour operators arrange tours to the different tourist destinations and handle the stay and travel of tourists.

Hotel Industry
You can look for a variety of jobs within the hospitality industry within diverse areas. It is possible to be a part of Front-office, Operations Housekeeping, Accounting Public Relations, Maintenance and many other interesting departments.

In addition to Airlines and travel, trains, coach operators and car rental companies. Transport is comprised of railways, air, roads and maritime. The job description for those working in road and rail transport includes planning, drawing out the itinerary including calculating the costs, organizing accommodations and other services such as food and entertainment.