We are into one of the most famous and simple-to-make mixed drink drinks with one of the most widely recognized and most well known liquor, the Vodka. Vodka and Cranberry is by all accounts a characteristic pair without help from anyone else, as you can see a great deal of mixed drinks emerging with this mix (We will see toward the finish of this article). Madras Drink, the name of this mixed drink, is reviving, zingy, smart and organic product enhanced!

Madras drink recipe is here.

The mixed drink is easy to make – blend Vodka, Cranberry Juice and Orange juice to the extent of 1:3:1 and you prepare the Cocktail. Is it that basic? Of course, it is!

Assuming you are searching for a beverage to partake in your party, something not really brutal, and something invigorating to savor a social affair or an event, this is one of the mixed drinks you can continuously anticipate.


Vodka works out positively for some other beverages to make a decent Cocktail! In Madras drink, Vodka takes itself to an unheard of level with Cranberry and Orange juice! Give it a shot!

Cooking Time: 0 min

Planning Time: 3 min

Course: Drinks

Food: Cocktails

Servings: 1

Calories: 180


1 ounce Vodka

3 ounces Cranberry Juice

1 ounce Orange Juice

A wedge of Lime, for decorate


1. Blend every one of the beverages on a Highball glass with ice shapes in it

2. Mix them well and add decorate with Lime wedge

3. Serve and have a great time!


One significant hint is that your decision of Cranberry juice is similarly pretty much as significant as the actual Vodka. Assuming you are going for a packaged Cranberry squeeze that is better, your Cocktail is likewise better and light pink in shading. This may not be a major issue assuming that you approve of your beverage being sweet. Notwithstanding, assuming you might want to have a genuine vodka-cranberry drink that is unsweetened, go for newly made cranberry juice. You can likewise add sweet to this to the level you need with Simple syrup. What’s more, the shading is more brilliant also with unsweetened new cranberry juice.

Additionally, make the Orange squeeze new, as it gives a new taste, than packaged juices.

Serve them Cold by setting up the mixed drink well early before a party, so your companions can have them as a Punch.

Obviously, you can add Club Soda or Sparkling water to make it Sparkling, comparable for events.


Cape Cod – just Vodka + Cranberry juice, without the Orange Juice.

Ocean breeze – Vodka + Cranberry juice + Grapefruit juice

Cove Breeze – Vodka + Cranberry juice + Pineapple juice

Cosmopolitan – Vodka + Cranberry juice + Cointreau Orange Liqueur + Lemon Juice

Cape Driver – equivalent extents of Vodka + Cranberry juice + Orange juice

Obviously, you could make endless mixed drinks with some random fixings. Everything relies upon what you need to taste and how you need to have it.

Healthful FACTS:

Calories per serving:   180

Protein:                        0.6g

Carbs:                         20g

Sugar:                         16g

Flavor:             Cranberry

Strength:         Medium

ABV:                10% (20 proof) with a 80 proof Vodka

Madras Drink is a light to medium beverage that can be delighted in as a Party drink on a few events on account of its fruitiness, and can likewise illuminate your vacation informal breakfasts or evening drinking.