vTiger CRM has proved itself to be a potential system for managing all customer-centric activities in small and mid-range organizations worldwide. Being a holt web design variant of SugarCRM, vTiger has gained acceptance worldwide in terms of it being free to use and flexibility of customization, since it is open source. With an efficient system for lead management, marketing management, inventory management, campaigning, generating reports and scheduling activities such as calendars, emails, sms notification capability etc, vTiger caters to the automation of marketing processes and efficient management of client based information. As vTiger customization has found a large number of takers now, more and more companies are offering vTiger customization services and also hosting at affordable rates.

vTiger spans its reach across a number of lakeland web design verticals including services industry, hotels, travel, retail, automobiles industry, healthcare, call centers and much more. E-commerce integrations are available for vTiger, which has made it a boon for online markets. Add-ons and email client made available in vTiger is another advantage, as it comes free of cost.

Across verticals, the following industries find profound use in vTiger customization:

Services industry: The CRM seems to have been made rightfully for serving the purpose of service based businesses. The system can be used as it is, without going for large scale customizations. All functionalites including management of leads, documents, email clients, marketing, calendaring vis a vis are of significance.

Logistics/ shipping/automobile: The main functionalities of managing leads to potentials, contacts, inventories, marketing etc are plus points.

Hotels/ travel industry: Most of the functionalities hold good. It is ideal for hotel/ travel industry to manage client information and automate their marketing/sales processes.

Retail shops: The main features that count are inventory management, purchase/sales orders, invoices, export as pdf options, email client etc. If possible to integrate with a POS (point of sale) tool, it could be a boon to retail shops. Since not all modules are to be used, the vTiger customization service required for such an option would be more to cut down and tailor it for the specific need.