San Jose is the tenth largest city in America, and the third largest in California. Boasting a lower than average crime rate and an excellent school system, San Femdom San Jose Jose is located in the heart of Santa Clara county and is considered to be the heart of Silicon Valley. Buying quality property here has been a dream for many Californians, one that was just out of their reach thanks to the above average home prices in Silicon Valley. The modern housing market has changed that, however. With the sudden increase in foreclosures and short sales, a wide variety of homes are now on the real estate market for much lower prices than years past.

During several months in 2010, nearly eighty Oakland Dominatrix percent of all real estate listings were foreclosures. This has flooded the market with homes that are below the usual average for houses in San Jose, but shopping outside of the lower priced homes can still find homes in the four to six hundred thousand dollar range. While the average listing price of a home in the area has risen sharply over the past month, this is a climb from a rock bottom low late last year. Over five thousand foreclosed homes in various stages of the foreclosure process at the moment.

With credit tightening measures, it has been harder for homeowners to convince themselves to purchase a home. Lenders with foreclosure properties on the real estate market are much more likely to be open to negotiations concerning the price, so the average San Jose list price of around 500,000 dollars is certainly a general figure. Using a real estate agent to find foreclosure properties on the market, particularly those that have been on the market for some time, may result in real estate buyers finding a good deal on their dream home as banks look to recoup some of their losses quickly.

While homes in the more luxurious parts of San Jose and Silicon Valley remain expensive, in the millions of dollars range, numerous properties exist that are quiet lovely and will make any home buyer happy. Alum Rock, Berryessa, Blossom Valley and Edenvale are some of the most popular areas in San Jose which offer lower prices than surrounding communities. Even more people are choosing to buy their homes in Willow Glen, Evergreen or Almaden Valley, which at first glance seem to have higher home prices. But the communities are a bit more desirable in these locations. And, with numerous foreclosure properties priced to sell, the opportunity of finding a dream home is finally within reach.