In advising ways and means of controlling finance in the most appropriate manner, and saving Tax payments legally.

Like e-commerce, e-mail and e-book, the prefix “e” denotes Accountants that it is something related with Electronics. The computer came first as an innovation, to save lots and lots of paper work in the Accounts Department. In a way, more than any other Department of a Company or Corporate Business entities, the Accounts Department is the predominant user of Accountants Coventry paper and pen. Till recently (and even in some places where the computerization of accounts is yet to reach) if you had entered the Accounts Department, you are sure to be welcomed by Ledgers and Bound Note Books of giant sizes.

With a view to record entries in ink on the pages of Account Books – such as Purchase Day Book, Sales Day Book, Cash Book and Petty Cash Book, Accounts Ledgers etc., use of paper and ink inevitably was enormous. Also the time and labor consumed in making these Accounts Books up-to-date, as well as culling out data from these books and recording those figures in the statutory returns, forms and statements was really considerable.

In one shot, computerization eliminated all these hassles totally; and made Accounts Management easier. As a further step, Internet technology enabled viewing, recording, editing, correcting, adding, deleting and transferring entries in the Account Books, from outside the Company premises easily and electronically. This is where the concept of E-Accountants came into being.

For example, in respect of businesses inside UK, bound by the statues of the British country, there are many Accountants in London and Chartered accountants in London. For those who wish to find an Accountant, they can very well go online to search for keywords “Accountants London”, “Tax Accountant London” or Tax Consultants London” and locate these E-Accountants.

These professional Chartered accountants in London are freelancers, who are better placed to amicably carry out all your business’s accounting needs. They handle the Accounts of many clients remotely from their office. Their knowledge in the laws of the land puts them in good stead about saving Tax, timely submission of Tax Returns and allied matters of accounting nature.

Your business’s Accounts are to be mandatorily audited, at the close of each financial year. As these E-Accountants service firms are members of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in London, you need not go anywhere for auditing and certification of correctness of your Accounts Books. In addition to keeping your computerized accounts well and truly updated, you can also avail consultancy services from these professionals, and thereby reduce your costs and augment your revenues.