Getting out of debt can be a puzzling enterprise. There are several options: Pay off in a lump sum, make payments, etc. Do you have a lump sum to put towards paying off your Extra Cash Each Month debt?

If you’re even a little bit concerned about your cash flow right now because it’s limiting some of your debt relief options, then you may be curious how many of my debt free clients discovered a variety of creative ways to increase cash flow to get out of debt faster, such as:

1. Are you expecting a tax return you could use as a lump sum?

2. Do you wind up getting a refund on your taxes each year? If so, you might want to adjust your withholding to free up extra cash each Earn Extra Cash Each Month month.

3. Have you considered selling items you own, such as; automobiles, boats, jewelry, art, etc., holding a yard sale or selling items on eBay or Craigslist?

4. Can you re-call any debts owed to you? Perhaps it’s time to make a phone call to collect on a debt someone owes you?

5. Can you get a part-time job? Delivering pizza in the evenings? Delivering papers in the morning?

6. Do you have equity in your home? *

7. Can you borrow against or liquidate any 401k plans, mutual funds or stocks? *

8. Do you have anyone in your life that cares about you that can help you financially?

8.5 BIG QUESTION: Is there anyone in your life that would be upset if they found out you filed bankruptcy and didn’t ask them for help to avoid it?

* When considering taking equity out of your home or money from a 401k etc, consider the math. If you are paying 20-30% interest on your credit card debt with no way out, it may make sense to pay the costs associated with a home equity line of credit, a cash-out refinance, or paying a penalty for pulling money from a retirement plan, but then again it might not.

Do the math.

Sometimes it just takes a little pressure and some good questions to spark your inner financial genius.

Think about these 8.5 questions, and then think about them again. Open your mind and be creative. There is usually something simple we can do to improve our situation when we open up to a new point of view.