Medical assistant is such a vital profession in health care system that a doctor or a physician cannot run his work without the help of a Medical IT Support assistant. In a medical set up a medical assistant performs different duties; he or she takes care of the patients, checks blood pressure, and pulse pressure. He takes his blood for pathological tests, records his case history, the disease he is suffering from, how long, the given medicines to him the doses administered on him. He regulates the patient monitoring system. Entirely he is a multi tasking employee in the health care unit or Medical IT Support In Melbourne system.

The Skills of a Medical Assistant

A person, who wishes to be a medical assistant, should have some skills otherwise he will not be able to get through the training course program. As he or she is associated with medical sphere, he must have medical back ground, he should have known about the patient care management, during patient care he needs to go through some subjects like anatomy, physiology, and medical terminology.

Some Clerical Skills Needed

When a person becomes a medical assistant, he should possess the capacity of professional and administrative level, as in the medical unit he has to work under the instruction and direction of the physician, if the doctor remains absent he then has to control or manage the situation, by his ability he maintains the discipline of the working place. He does the filling of insurance forms for the patients. He maintains the records of the patients and keeps it in orderly manner. A medical assistant should know how to transcript the physicians prescription or instructions.

Some Skills Related with Laboratory

There are also some duties for a medical assistant; he is sometime given task of the pathological laboratory. When blood, urine sputum are tested he takes all the samples for pathological tests.

Important Some Skills of a Medical assistant

Over al a medical assistant needs to know first aid, diagnostic of medicine, clinical processing, pharmaceutical matters, medical law etc.

Training Course Program

Those who wish to be medical assistant need to go through training course program. This training program is for short time, during this course the candidates are taught about medical terminology, anatomy, math, the billing process etc. After completing the course, usually certificate, or some times diploma and associate degree are given to the successful candidates. One does this course after completing his post secondary qualification, or high school diploma.