Pornography addiction is an increasing problem, one that is receiving growing attention in the media. It is an issue that is bringing more and more people to our therapy clinics here in the Live24Cams UK.

The Internet places pornography at the tip of our fingers. With the click of a mouse anyone can access all manner of porn.

What occurs when viewing pornography online escalates and gets out of control? At what point does it become an addiction? How can the porn addict access the help they need?

Pornography addiction is not yet recognized by the American Psychological Association as a mental disorder (as many other addictions are), but this does not mean that the problem doesn’t exist.

The criteria for identifying pornography addiction is very similar to other addictions. Does reading, watching, thinking about, and/or viewing pornography interfere with a person’s work, personal life, relationships, social interactions or family life? If this question is answered in the affirmative, then the person may well have a pornography addiction.

What are some of the issues that make pornography addiction more of a problem than it has been in the past?


It’s easier than ever before to view pornography. Before the availability of Internet pornography, people had to physically enter an ‘adult’ video store, or purchase a magazine from a shop. Now, with just a quick search on the Internet, anyone can gain access to a practically limitless array of free pornography in the privacy of their own home.

Early Exposure

A recent study reported that 42% of children have been exposed to pornography on the Internet before the age of 18. Whereas in the past access to pornography would have been more difficult, with the Internet children have a greater chance at being exposed to it from an early age.