To know which brush cutter is good, you must first understand the characteristics of the next four-stroke brush cutter and the two-stroke brush cutter. Regardless of whether the two-stroke or the four-stroke have their own characteristics, they still need to be selected according to their own situation. Choosing the right grass brush cutter can bring you a lot of Coptics laser cutter convenience.

The lawn mower, also known as the grass brush cutter, is a portable garden tool for single use. It has a small gasoline engine as its power. It drives the blades to rotate through a drive shaft to complete various tasks. It has good durability, is very easy to start, and is easy to Coptics laser cutting machine operate. Very simple and convenient. It has a wide range of applications, such as cutting shrubs and weeds in the forest to facilitate the growth of trees and pedestrians; the pruning of some small lawns, around tree roots and other places where lawn trimmers cannot reach, lawn trimming in these places can be used Brush cutter and lawn mower to complete. It is also suitable for gardens, pastures, parks, urban greening, road maintenance and pruning of shrubs and flowers.

The four-stroke gasoline engine, as the current better gasoline engine equipment, has the incomparable advantages of the traditional two-stroke engine. It has the advantages of light weight, low noise, easy start, low fuel consumption, stable performance and long service life. It is the same as the ordinary two-stroke gasoline engine. Twice the service life, but the four-stroke machine has a lower rotational speed. The four-stroke brush cutter runs smoothly, with vibration, noise, and start-up performance slightly better than the two-stroke brush cutter, but the oil needs to be changed every 7 or 8 hours of use. The two-stroke brush cutter can be used for a long time. If you want to use it frequently for a long time, it is recommended to buy a two-stroke brush cutter.

The fuel tank and the oil tank of the four-stroke brush cutter are separated, and the pure gasoline is burned, so there is no need to add oil to avoid damage caused by improper fuel ratio. There is special lubricating oil inside the engine, the lubrication effect of the machine is better, the wear is less, and the service life is longer than the two-stroke. The machine is heavier than the two-stroke machine, but has stable performance, low vibration during operation, low noise, fuel saving, and easy maintenance. The wearing parts are easily replaced by standard parts and easy to repair. The only shortcoming is that the power is relatively small. Mowing grass, bushes, small saplings, harvesting wheat and rice, etc. is no problem. If it is clearing the forest, it will be insufficient. If you are harvesting softer crops, it is recommended that you choose a four-stroke brush cutter to harvest more neatly and better.

The two-stroke brush cutter has only one fuel tank. Before refueling, you need to mix gasoline and two-stroke engine oil at a ratio of 25:1 and then pour it into the fuel tank. Since the two links of intake and exhaust are integrated with other links, fuel and air cannot be fully mixed, and combustion is not complete. Part of the fuel will be discharged with the exhaust gas, causing waste, so fuel consumption is relatively high. However, two strokes do work once, so the power is relatively large. Two-stroke brush cutters have higher requirements for oil quality, which is troublesome to maintain and requires regular cleaning of carbon deposits. The two-stroke brush cutter has high power, and it is suitable for clearing forests or cutting thick bushes. It would be a waste of power to just cut grass and harvest crops.