Dedicated servers are exclusive servers. They exclusively host websites for websites owners and make it possible for them to control the minecraft servers. Dedicated servers are owned by web hosts. A server is a small individual partition of a large server which is dedicated to hosting the website of a single client. Individuals and businesses who are looking towards a possible upgrade for their web sites are the ones who make use of these dedicated minecraft server list.

Most of the time, companies or businesses start off small. Since they start off on a small note, they won’t necessarily need an exclusive server to host their website. As a business expands, the need to upgrade might arise because the need for more bandwidth and space will arise. Dedicated servers can handle complex and sophisticated scripts. They can also handle much more web traffic than what a shared server can handle. A dedicated server hosts only a single client.

Types of dedicated servers:

There are mainly two different types of dedicated servers:

* Managed dedicated servers: These servers don’t necessarily need to be handled by the website owners as the maintenance and management of these servers is done by the web host.  For managed dedicated servers, the client is not responsible for maintenance and management of the web server. Managed web servers are mostly taken on lease by businesses or individuals who don’t have time to maintain servers.

* Unmanaged dedicated servers: Unlike managed servers, these are a little contrary in their way of operations. Unmanaged dedicated servers have the least amount of support from the web host. In this type of server, the client is responsible for the maintenance and management of the server. It is the client who has to look after the everyday operations of the server.  In case the business or website owner has limited IT resources, unmanaged dedicated servers are taken on lease instead of managed servers.

Most dedicated server hosts provide a web hosting services which are very wide-ranging. Web hosting providers of dedicated servers set up and install the servers for the website owners. They also take care of the installation of software and any software upgrades which might come up later. Web hosts provide twenty four hour customer care services. The web servers are constantly monitored by web hosts who provide technical support to clients whenever the need may arise.