Whether you are working on a joint business venture, a new job,
the price of an auto or your child’s new curfew, negotiation is
a key success salary negotiation script skill. So how can you improve your negotiation
skills? Here are a dozen techniques I try to practice in every

1. Be Prepared
This is not just the motto of the Boy Scouts. Preparation is
the single most important element in successful negotiations.
In negotiations, information is power. The more relevant
information you have, the better your position is. Preparation
for your negotiations can not be overdone. Allow yourself
adequate time to prepare prior entering any negotiation.

2. Understand The Needs Of Your “Adversary”
Your “adversary” in this context is the other party in the
negotiation. Your relationship with this party may not normally
be described as adversarial, for the purposes of this discussion
we will view the negotiation as an adversarial relationship.

Put yourself in your adversary’s shoes. What would they like to
gain from the negotiation? Write down as many possible goals as
you can think of. Prioritize your list in the order that you
believe your adversary would. Identify the items you are
willing to negotiate and those items which are nonnegotiable.

3. Know What Your Needs Are
What do you need out of the negotiations? More money? More
flexibility? Better opportunities? Access to broader markets?
Make a list of those things you would like to receive as a
result of the negotiations. Refine and prioritize your list
before starting the negotiation. Identify the items you are
willing to negotiate and those items which are nonnegotiable.
This list and the one created above will allow you to know what
your true “bottom line” is.

4. Most Negotiations Involve On Going Relationships
With the exception of large purchases, most negotiations involve
parties involved in a long term relationship. Whether the
relationship is family, friends or business associates, it will
be necessary to continue to deal with your “adversary” outside
the context of the negotiation. Always be sensitive to the
potential impact of your negotiations on these relationships.