6 Things to Look for in a Wedding Makeup Artist

As your wedding day rapidly approaches, you have tons of things to worry about. The last thing you want to worry about is how to handle your wedding day make up. This is one of the biggest days of your life, if not the biggest, and you want your face to look picture-perfect all day long. After all, your face is going to be captured in your wedding album for all eternity. Your choice of makeup for your wedding is crucial. The first tip to doing your make up on that glorious day? Don’t. Get someone else to do it.

1. Don’t Do It Yourself

If you came here expecting wedding day makeup tips, you can forget it. You are going to be juggling way too much on that day to do your own face, eyes, lips and all the rest that goes into making yourself extra beautiful for your groom-to-be.

It is far better to hire a make up artist who knows how to make you look your very best. Then there is the fact that a makeup artist can do you and your entire bridal party, which means you’ll be more likely to match. What a sight you all will be in matching makeup, them in matching dresses, you in your glamorous wedding gown. Don’t worry about your makeup when you’re saying cheese for the photographers. Let a wedding day makeup artist tackle the job and you’ll feel much more relaxed and radiant.

2. Shop for Makeup Artists

Don’t just choose the first name recommended to you. You will want to be selective, even if you have one day to find someone. There are always wedding day make up artists looking for work, but not all of them are skilled or experienced. Seek out a makeup artist you know can do the job so that you don’t experience a (gasp) wedding makeup horror story on your special day.

3. Ask to See a Portfolio

Before you choose a makeup artist, ask to see some samples of the artist’s work. If you need tattoo cover up, make sure the artist is able to do that also. Be clear about what you want and look for samples of what you want in the artist’s portfolio. Being vigilant and taking this extra step will ensure you select the best wedding day makeup artist in your area.

4. Look for Special Deals

Earlier we spoke about having your bridal party’s makeup done at the same time. Ask for special deals, bulk deals, party deals – anything that will save you money. Wedding day makeup services don’t have to be expensive. You can find an affordable artist who does great work as long as you do a little homework (or you have someone do it for you while you’re taking care of other things in preparation for the wedding).

5. Ask Other Brides

Do you have any friends or relatives that have been married lately? What about co-workers? Ask who they used. You might want to ask to see their wedding albums first to see if the artist did a good job, but getting referrals from a person close to you is always a great way to find an artist who will make you look ravishing at the altar..

6. Read Online Reviews

Online reviews can tell you a lot about makeup artists in your area. When a woman has a bad experience on her wedding day, ooh, if she can’t wait to tell everyone about it. This is your opportunity to jump online to see what other brides are saying about make up artists in your area.

Use these six tips and you will be sure to have a perfect wedding with a perfect face.

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