Your house removal needs to be planned perfectly if you want to go through with it without the stress of losing or destroying some items. Remember to pay attention to a few things when planning your big move.

Here are a couple of tips to help you to prepare for relocation.

Choosing the right removal company

To make sure you have the best removal company for you, choose a few and make calls to them. Ask about their licence from relevant authorities, which will be proof of their expertise. Check their opinions on comparison sites, and also ask around friends and family if they can recommend any good professional company. A decent removal company should tell you their prices broken down in detail so that you would know what you pay for. Another thing to look out for is the insurance the removals have, after all, you don’t want to risk losing any of your valuable items during transport.


Before starting to pack, prepare all the packaging materials like boxes, tapes, bubble wrap, labels, markers, covers. Then start your packing with things that you don’t use on a daily basis, and also items that are very important, to make sure you don’t leave anything behind. Everyday items and essentials leave to pack at the very end. As you pack each box, remember to label it properly to make it easy and less time-consuming when unpacking in a new place.

Pay special attention to your valuables/important items

We all have items in our homes that are very important to us. It can be some valuables that were given to us by members of the family, some antique furniture or expensive devices such as TV, computers, etc. While packing any of it take special attention, use proper covers, wraps, and big enough boxes, and label them as important or fragile items.

Clean areas as you pack

A good idea is to tidy up each area after you finish packing there. If you choose to pack room by room, then don’t wait until the whole house is packed. Clean each room as you go. It will save you time in the end and won’t tire you down so much.

Get rid of old unusable things

Once you decide what things you want to pack and take to a new place, sort out the ones that are not needed any more. Anything old but still in good condition that you don’t need any more, consider giving away, selling, or donating. Other things that might be beyond repair, try to recycle or dispose of in the correct place rather than dumping it in any landfill. Sometimes things we don’t want any more might be too big for us to remove. If you get stuck, call your local house clearance company. They will help you with any aspect of removing unwanted items, and they can even contact charities to donate your items for you.

Don’t do everything alone/ask for help

Moving house is stressing and exhausting, so make sure that you ask for help. Friends and family would happily help you with packing and organizing important things if you need them, so make it easier for yourself.

Relocation of your house or office can be a difficult and stressful experience, If you can, go ahead and book a couple of days off from work for the big move and remember that the most important thing is preparation. Consider these few above tips to help you with a smoother and less stressful removal time.