British beaches is a new blog dedicated to many of Britain’s great beaches and covers all areas of the UK. 

The blog is written by Paul Brown, who spent his early years growing up on the North Norfolk Coast  and enjoyed days out visiting beaches including Holkham, Wells and Hunstanton. His parents would  also drive down to Woolacombe for their annual summer holiday.  southwold Beaches

The blog offers information on a number of Britain’s best beaches including Bournemouth, West  Wittering, Southwold and Camber Sands Beach. It also offers local advice on parking and hotels and  accommodation. 


Having previously assembled a picnic and resisting the option to just plonk ourselves  down as soon as we reached the sand, our family set off on a hike along the huge  sandy expanse to find a quieter spot where we would put up the windshields, drop  our buckets, spades, stumps, bat and cool box and claim our little territory. It meant  longer walks to the ice cream vans but gave space enough to set up some stumps  and play some cricket or even fly a kite. The blue flag beach is still a major pull to  sunbathers and surfers alike and stretches for five glorious miles, backed mostly by  dunes. 


Camber sands beach is a very popular sandy beach in East Sussex stretching three miles to just  beyond the Kent border, where shingle and pebbles take over. You cannot fail to be impressed by the  vastness of the open sand beach which is ideal for families. Having visited it very young my memories  are sketchy but many will remember a trip to this part of the world courtesy of the Pontins Holiday  Park that has been there since the 1960’s. It still offers a huge range of exciting activities including  Bear Grylls Survival Academy, Adventure Bugz and high ropes course and there is an excellent  entertainment programme throughout the day as well as family-friendly shows in the evening.  


Wells Next The Sea Beach is a beautiful sandy beach located around one mile from the  town which you can walk to on a long raised path with stunning views over the marshes. I  have fond memories of dropping a crab line complete with bait into the sea at the harbour  wall, with a bucket beside me for the catch. Nearby we sat on the short wall at the car park  nearby eating fish and chips from Frenchies the way they were meant to be eaten, a tradition  that I’m pleased to say is alive and well. There is a small high street nearby and plenty of  places offering coffee meals and snacks. There are several parts to the wells front, with  large expanses of sands and beach huts in addition to the estuary exposed at low tide.  Something for Everyone.

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