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Tine Weppler: A sound of dreaming                                                       

Maleriet er akryl på lærred 100 x 180 cm og er skabt ved brug af pensel, svamp og spartel. 

Jeg startede på maleriet i januar 2022 og maleriet fandt sin endelige form i slutningen af marts 2022. Jeg begyndte med de varme gule nuancer, som jeg arbejdede meget med og tilførte både rødt, sort og orange. Det var i legen med de røde og orange farver, at figurerne opstod. Ret sent i forløbet kom de blå, hvide og grønne nuancer til. Den blå farve er komplementær overfor gul og den grønne komplementær overfor rød. Det giver kraft, dynamik og spændstighed til maleriet og får også figurerne til at være mere diffuse og vibrere, hvilket giver indtryk af bevægelse. 

Målet var at få et spontant, energifyldt, varmt og glad maleri. Desuden har det været vigtigt for mig, at gøre det lidt abstrakt, således at maleriet lægger op til flere mulige tolkninger med livsglæde, som et centralt budskab. Jeg synes, at det er et maleri med storytelling, hvor det er op til betragteren selv at finde deres tolkning af figurerne og deres indbyrdes relationer.

Maleriet er stort, så der er ikke så mange steder at udstille det. Det har derfor kun været udstillet i galleriet i Valby, hvor det har hængt i vores stue.

Venlig hilsen

Tine Weppler

Form and Color in the Paintings of Tine Weppler


 April 6, 2021


   by Christopher Bruni

Tine Weppler’s investigations in form and color at her recent Artifact exhibition address various issues of cultural engagement. The play quality pervades these efforts in which one can discern figural shapes that hover tremulously over the surfaces.  The near-evanescent movements of these forms are held further in check by the balanced and nuanced use of more concentrically held together fluid marks, such as spills, washes and drips. This systematic oscillation between space and the concentration of energy fields, which holds this space at bay creates a charged atmosphere which keeps us in the work’s thrall.

The artist explores the use of process and the unconscious as an exhilarating way to tear down the veils that prevent true perception to occur and the re-presentation of new experiences.  What is particularly striking in many of Weppler’s images is the assured way the artist takes the best possible opportunities to enlarge her visual transformations in order for her even faintest phantom images to transform their visual character. The work itself is charged with expressiveness which we feel most directly as circuitous meandering of color and texture surge with an electric dynamism of her paintings. The artist’s vistas keep us suspended, in equipoise, between the edge of chaos and the brink of lucidity.

Christopher Bruni is an art critic living and working in Manhattan

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Tine Weppler: Paintings

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Dates: March 3–21, 2021                                                                

Hours: WednesdaySaturday, by appointment 126 PM

ARTIFACT is pleased to announce a solo exhibition of paintings by a Danish artist Tine Weppler on March 3-21.

Weppler’s paintings are complex ones, which put a premium on expressionism by distorting colors, shapes, and surface in a highly personalized fashion. These sensations are realized through an embodied and lyrically suggestive figuration that encourages us to recapture the world through the fresh responses of an artist who is ultimately unconstrained by tradition or convention. Wedded to this fresh perspective is the artist’s equally persuasive emphasis on capturing fleeting perceptions of time and space. 

The artist’s paintings are filled with action, there is a tumultuous undercurrent of painterly energy coursing through her materials. They add a vibrant dynamism referring both to a female body in the context of pop-culture. Spatial compositions that result appear 
to be made of movement and constantly shifting veils of color applications. This veiling is the embodiment for Weppler’s gestural and figurative impulses that coalesce to form and un-form imagery imbued with bright colors. The artist’s works, with their saturated, textured look seem recognizable and unique at the same time. 

Weppler’s talent rests on her innate capacity to tell a story. This storytelling isn’t so much about the individual character as much as it is about the story of interactions as an activity itself with its symbolic attributes and its rich allegorical thickness. In order to achieve her aesthetic vision, the artist has had to engage herself in the creative project of defining a particular visual language involving the body moving in a particular type of space. In this respect her efforts have been admirably successful.  

In her statement the Tina Weppler writes: “In my paintings I use various colors for the simple reason that the world is basically a colorful place – even in our darkest hours. Using the whole palette gives me access to almost every inner feeling and allows me to show my deep belief – that colors can in fact broaden our understanding of complex matters if we are open for new impulses and even views contrary to our own. Painting for me is an experimental game. A process through which my curiosity is in focus – thus the artist is merely a bystander waiting patiently for the outcome to be revealed.” 

For more information and visuals please contact the gallery. 

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