How to Stop Smoking Pot – The 3 Most Important Rules to Finally Help You Quit Smoking Cannabis!

You have made the decision to quit smoking marijuana. Firstly, I applaud you for your decision. Based on my personal experience that marijuana can take over your life. I am also aware of how difficult it can be to quit smoking marijuana one-for-all. So in this post, I’d like to offer some suggestions for quitting smoking cannabis. weed delivery

1.) Instead of trying to quit smoking marijuana without a plan, you must create a plan. The majority of cannabis users follow a routine every time they are trying to quit. It’s easy to convince yourself that when the current bag is empty and you’ll stop smoking cannabis permanently. Then you take that baggy twice as fast than you would normally and then, once it’s over you’re tempted to buy more! It’s a vicious cycle that will take over you if let it. weed delivery ottawa

Choose a date that is about a month from now to be you “giving up” date. From that point, gradually reduce the quantity of cannabis you’re taking. If you’re a smoker who is heavy you can cut it down to just 1 or 2 joints per each day. After 10 days, reduce this to a lesser extent. Each day, you should smoke 1 joint per day over the next 10 days. For the remaining 10 days, you should only smoking 2 or 3 joints until you are at the day you give up!

2.) If you decide to quit smoking marijuana, you’ll be required to discard all pieces of drug-related equipment you have. Papers, lighters, roach material, bongs, bags, grinder, etc. I did the wrong thing by locking everything into an drawer. This only makes it easier to fall back into. local weed delivery

If the desire of smoking marijuana is present then you’re more likely to try the drug. However, no matter what someone tells you, cannabis is addictive. However, it’s more of a mental addiction than physical addiction. If you do not let temptations get at the door the mind will be able to be in control and you’ll likely be smoking marijuana or weed at the at the end of the day.

3.) The most difficult and most vital aspect of how to quit smoking marijuana is the possibility of losing friends. Cannabis is also a social but extremely insular drug. Most long-time pot users are isolated from their families and friends who don’t participate in their addiction. But, others who smoke pot are soon your most trusted companions.

I discovered that the majority members of my “pot-smoking” acquaintances were supportive of my decision to give up and even giddy. However, I could not make anyone else to stop smoking marijuana with me. As they smoked and passed around a joint with each other was a nightmare! Again, why would you let temptation get before you. Once you have stopped smoking marijuana once and for all, you’ll realize the great choice you’ve taken. But if you continue to hang out with the same people I guarantee you that it won’t take long before you go back to your old habits!

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