Online Flower Shops

Since the World Wide Web has changed how we live, even florists have become “virtual” shops. Now, from the security of your home or office, you Web Grower can log on to an online florist or florist directory and order fresh flowers, a dried arrangement, a potted plant, or a customized arrangement to be sent to any corner of the world. There are many different options one can choose from.

Leading florists in the US have online sites and computerized sending systems which ensure that your order is delivered when and how you want it. Many of these online florists have a professional network of 30,000 or more affiliate florists located in urban cities, towns, and villages within the US and different countries of the world. So, when you place an order, a florist will customize your order and ensure that it is delivered in good condition and on time. When you place the order you can specify which flowers you want, what kind of arrangement, the colors, as well as packaging. They will, at your request place a beautifully designed card or message with the bouquet.

There are innovative florists who send not just flowers or potted plants but fruit, wine, teddy bears, chocolates, or balloons for delivery. They will even make a mixture of a basket that contains flowers, fruit, wine, gay ribbons, and balloons.

A specialty of some online florists is sending flowers direct from growers. The orders are shipped out directly by growers themselves to all parts of the world.

Online directories like Google and Yahoo give you many options to choose from, as they list different online florists from different parts of the world.

Then there are groups of flower growers, brokers, shippers, and online shopping sites who have reached a business understanding to ship boxes of fresh flowers by overnight air. These are generally a few days fresher and less expensive than flowers one orders from professional florists. The only downside is that the recipients need to unpack and put the flowers in a vase themselves.

A less popular category of online florists are sites run by agents, middlemen, resellers, and catalogue companies. They receive orders and then forward them to florists who will actually do the work. In many instances, these are people with little or no experience with the world of flowers.

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