Positive Change in the Management Will Change the Organization Positively

Management was thought to be a skill and an art. The idea that leaders are born was popular. People also said that leaders can be instilled. Today, people believe that leaders can be taught. True, we can be taught and trained to be leaders. Management is a key leadership skill. The best form of leadership is one that leads through example. If an example seems correct and the knowledge is complete. If the instance is not right , then the understanding won’t be correct. personalo atranka

Managers in organizations and businesses have supervisors and levels of management. Smaller firms may have only one management level and there may be just one manager. Larger companies have various types of managers. There could be junior managers who interact directly with the employees of the lower levels. There may be middle managers who work between junior managers and the upper management. There could be a higher management team, which is at the highest level of the organization structure. darbuotojų paie

If an organisation is set up to expand, the management will have been planned and arranged prior to the time of establishment. The majority of organizations that are globally and well-known today weren’t planned to be this way when they were first established. If you look at any of the huge corporations, businesses or even organizations, the majority of them weren’t designed to grow into global organizations. Actually, some of the more international businesses that are successful were started as entertainment. We could think of that the United Nations Organization as one of the few organizations that were designed to be global when they were founded. vadovų paieška

The transformation is necessary as Facebook transforms itself from a small number of fun-loving people to a more significant entity with importance to the society. When Facebook was founded in 2009, it was a small group with one manager, the person who founded it. Today, it employs over 10,000 employees, with various stages of managerial responsibility. Google was created with just two employees. It now has over 57,000 employees around the world. This is the change that occurs when an organization or a business expands.

Every company had to confront the problem of moving from a small stage to larger stage. After they transformed, companies that changed their structures of management survived. The company’s management did not embrace change was required to pay for the costs of losing the company. If an analysis was conducted of the companies, organizations or corporate companies that were either sold or closed then the management could be held accountable for ending up in these situations.

The most efficient method in management would be to set the example. A military is a regulated system that operates on directives. The most significant elements of this military system is that the person who gives an order is also the one who executes that instruction. For instance, if soldiers are required be dressed in uniform then the commander of the battalion must wear to wear the same. If a soldier has to participate in drills, the commander also has to be required. That is why militaries are successful not just because their managers or leaders have a lot of authority, but because they follow by the example they set.

It is a fact that If a supervisor maintains his table in order throughout the day He can request his subordinates to keep their tables neat. There is no reason to be a problem. Because subordinates are aware that their manager is always keeping his tables spotless They will not have an reason or excuse to offer him a reason to not respect him. The leader gains authority by his actions and not by screaming at people.

Management is in essence the leader, it must be a leader by example. The responsibility of management in the higher levels is to ensure that there are leaders who are model in middle management. The middle management is comprised of the most vulnerable links and holds the most important roles. The middle management in any organisation is the bridge between the employees and the management force. If the bridge isn’t correct, then the mission isn’t going to be fulfilled.

As companies grow from small to large and large, the need for middle management becomes apparent. The top managers may be capable of managing 10 staff and not manage 100. In the event that top managers chooses to supervise all staff, with no middle managers, it’s as if you were making a suspension bridge, but without poles to connect the two. The bridge will function until a certain length. If the bridge extends beyond the maximum length, the strength is in doubt.

It’s the same for the growth of a business. There must be adjustments to meet the demands of the future. Many companies fail because they attempt to fix the issues that were encountered yesterday and they fail to consider and create a strategy to avoid issues tomorrow. In the end such an company will face problems that have that have been accumulated from the past and will face challenges in the near future, too.

The management’s responsibilities must be changed in such a manner that management will be in a position to think, anticipate and anticipate potential issues in the near future. They must be prepared to confront and resolve the issues before they strike the organization. If this isn’t considered by the management, the day-to-day problems will keep the entire staff engaged in solving problems. While everyone is trying to resolve the issues but the regular tasks will be neglected. The tasks that are not completed will be the cause new problems that will arise in the future. If the management isn’t willing to make changes and adapt, this will occur in the loop.

Certain managers don’t see themselves to be examples. They may not realize that he’s not suppose to set an example however, the employee will take the manager’s position as an instance. If the manager isn’t punctual, the employee is likely to either be as the manager, or not enjoy working for the manager. If people do not like each other it’s difficult to assign tasks to them. If you’re a supervisor and your employee isn’t willing to do work for you You are in trouble.

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