Sealcoating instantly improves the appearance of the asphalt area on your property. The deep black color looks fresh and new, and it also allows lines for parking grids to show up much more asphalt companies near me clearly.

Not only does it provide this instant improvement on appearance, but it also keeps the asphalt looking great longer. See, the coating, when it is applied correctly, allows rain to naturally wash dirt and debris away. Because the surface is non-porous, it will better deflect debris and spilled liquids, so your area will look clean much parking lot striping longer.

Sealcoating not only improves the appearance of your asphalt areas, but also their durability. There may be small cracks in the asphalt that you are unaware of. If left unattended, these will grow into larger cracks when water seeps down into them and causes the base material to expand and contract with temperature changes. The coating will fill in these invisible cracks and prevent them from expanding. This will prevent you from having to fill them in with unsightly, messy tar, thus keeping your area looking great longer and also maintaining the stability of the asphalt.

This process not only improves durability and appearance, but it also provides protection from many of the items that can harm your asphalt. Spills of toxic chemicals from vehicles, including oil and gasoline, commonly damage asphalt by staining it or hurting its structure. Similarly, exposure to UV rays from the sun or even oxygen in the air can have an effect. The coating is non porous, so it prevents these contaminants from seeping into the lower levels of the asphalt.

Lowering Costs
As you are deciding whether or not to invest in sealcoating for your property, you may want to look at some of the reduced costs you will face. You will have fewer, if any, cracks after having your space coated, and this will reduce your maintenance costs. It will also prevent you from having to repair or replace damaged asphalt, a process that is costly and time consuming, by putting a stop to deterioration from moisture seepage or oxidation and erosion.

You will also be surprised to know that sealcoating will reduce your costs for cleaning. The surface coating creates is ideal for sweeping, so you will spend less on keeping it looking its best throughout the lifetime of your driveway or parking lot. Remember, the cost to have your area sealed is typically pennies per square foot. Compare that to the cost of asphalt replacement and repairs, and you will quickly see why it is so beneficial to you as a property owner, whether you are looking at a commercial property or your own home’s driveway.