Biomass boiler is a kind of boiler which offer an alternative, cheap and eco-friendly way to generate heat to the home. Biomass boilers are known as the environmentally friendly kind of boilers because they’re classed as a system to production of renewable energy. There are many advantages to using biomass, first of all biomass boiler is classified as a renewable energy source. Using biomass as fuel does not cause environmental damage that occurs, for example, during coal mining. When obtaining biomass from wood, rational forest management is carried out, in place of the cut trees, new plantations are established. Profits from biomass combustion are also savings caused by its affordable price and high calorific value. The advantage is the negligible amount of pollutants released from the burnt biomass.   How Do Biomass Boiler Work? A biomass boiler is a heating system that uses biomass, it means organic materials, to make heat. Biomass is organic substances containing carbon compounds that can provide the energy released in the combustion process. To make heat can be burned a few kinds of biomass, for example biomass pellets, wooden logs, wood chips and wood blocks and other forms of wood. All that kinds of biomass […] read more