Tell Your Geneva Airport Taxi Driver to Take You to Montreux

On the shores of beautiful Lake Geneva in Switzerland, Montreux has a wealth of attractions packed into its picture perfect surrounds. Its proximity to the Swiss hub of Geneva and the ease of getting around once there makes it ideal for a short airport taxi booking getaway.

If you’re planning a visit, the easiest way to get there is to fly into Geneva International Airport, which services a regular schedule of direct flights to and from various ports in the UK. Once you land at the airport, navigating the final part of your journey is simply a matter of connecting with a Geneva airport taxi driver (pre-booking will make it even easier) and hiring them to take you the final part of your airport transfer service journey.

Getting There

It’s around 95km by road to Montreux and your Geneva Airport taxi driver will generally be able to get you there in under an hour (bearing in mind any traffic holdups). But it’s no ordinary 95km drive, because along the way you’ll pass by some of the most breathtaking scenery in Europe – with the tranquil waters of Lac Leman (aka Lake Geneva) on one side and the spectacular backdrop of the Jura National Park on the other.

The route follows the contour of the lake, taking you via Divonne-les Bains, a lovely spa town at the foot of the Jura Mountains, and on to Lausanne. From there you’ll drive through the countryside of terraced vineyards with the beautiful Chablais Alps in the distance and into the UNESCO world heritage Lavaux region, in which Montreux is nestled.

Much of the best accommodation is located on the shores of the lake, so if you’re lucky you’ll have a front row view of just what it is that makes this place so special the moment your Geneva airport taxi driver drops you off. Even if your hotel is slightly away from the foreshore, ask the driver to do a quick tour of the town (it won’t take long) so you can get your bearings.

Highlights of Montreux

Centred around a relatively small area on the north-east shore of Lac Leman, this highly photogenic municipality is probably most renowned for its musical penchant – to be specific, its jazz. Its world famous Jazz Festival takes place here every July, attracting a host of high-profile international acts, along with droves of tourists and serious music aficionados who come to enjoy the vibrant two-week festival.

The 13th century Chillon Castle is the town’s most famous landmark, and this magnificent medieval fortress is, in fact, the most visited monument in the country. Its elegant architectural lines and breathtaking setting on the banks of the lake have served as inspiration to centuries of writers, poets, dreamers and philosophers.

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