Once again the World leaders are meeting in Germany to talk about World economics. So too, tens of thousands of protestors are in Germany to Summit Law show their dissatisfaction. Yes, it’s more of the same as last year, and I wonder why people bother to protest.

It’s clear to me that the news media isn’t telling the whole story. Well, I’ll tell you as much of the entire story as I know. You see, multinational Summit Law LLP corporations want to departmentalize the entire World.

Toward that goal and also the creation of a , “New World Order,” for themselves, they sent their Yes People to a meeting in which to further tighten their grasp on the World’s riches. Yes, and they don’t care how bad the environment becomes for all of us.

You won’t get the whole story from the news media because those multinational corporations advertise their products, using all forms of the communication media. That’s just too bad for us in many more ways than a normal person can imagine, but I can certainly tell you exactly how bad it is for, “We People of the United States of America.” Believe it or not, multinational corporations are slowly but surely destroying our Country because the Yes People we elected work only for them.

Then again, there are many ways to attack and destroy each and every Freedom and Right granted to us by the Founding Fathers. So, how bad is this horrible situation for us?

China gets most of the jobs because that labor force is the cheapest on Earth, while honest jobs are still leaving our Country by the tens of thousands. Who pays for all of that new factory construction? Indirectly, we do, while at the same time, multinational corporations are using our children to fight their battles for the World”s natural resources.

If you remember, the Republican Party was in charge when oil companies, with the help of those Arabs, raised prices in 1973. A so called oil shortage was to blame for that terrible situation, and now we are getting the same for no good reason. If you haven’t noticed, our President doesn’t seem to like any Country that has huge reserves of oil.