Many travelers refrain from driving abroad as they are unfamiliar with the roads and driving laws of the country. More than often, they face a spate luxury car rental dubai of precarious situations on the streets that puts their lives and of other at risk. Driving on the wrong side of the road, drinking whilst driving, and robbery on motorways, accidents, rash driving and talking on a mobile phone whilst driving could turn fatal at times. To avoid these situations, travelers prefer to hire a car to enjoy their vacations in peaceful way. Car rental is a common practice these luxury car rental in dubai days, but not many people are aware how it came into existence to become such a burgeoning industry.

The history of car rental is said to go as far back as 1916 in Nebraska, U.S. when Joe Saunders rented his Ford Model T to visiting businessperson. He attached a mileage meter in the front of his car to charge his customers 10 cents a mile. With passing time, Saunders realized the amount of profit he was gaining by renting out his car. Hitting upon this idea, Saunders started a lucrative, car hire business in 1925, which flourished to work in 21 states. By now, he was branching out his vehicles adding more than $1 million worth of Chryslers to his fleet.

Businessmen captured his idea to launch their own car hire agencies. Walter L. Jacobs started a car hire agency of his own and started renting out Model T Fords to needy travelers. By 1923, he declared himself as the main competitor to Joe Saunders car rental company. Later, Mr. John Hertz of The Yellow Cab Manufacturing Company bought Saunders company to pitch a project to what is now the largest car hire company in the world. In the coming decades, General Motors purchased Hertz’s Yellow Cab Manufacturing Company to start their own car rental business section called “Hertz Drive-Ur-Self System.”

Car hire business continued to mushroom through the Second World War but it was only in the early 1930’s when Hertz started a car rental franchise for travelers outside the Chicago’s Midway Airport. Competition reached an all-critical peak when Mr. Warren Avis launched the Avis Airlines Rent A Car System at Detroit’s Willow Run Airport in 1946.

Today, international car companies have opened up branches all over the world including Dubai. Dubai car hire is the perfect way to reach various attractions and shopping locales in the luxurious confines of the car without being caught up in the traffic. Driving your own in Dubai can have its own repercussions, as the laws are strict in the emirate. Drinking and driving, talking on cell phone, rash driving is met with zero tolerance, so rather leave it to a Dubai car rental agency to transport you and your family. Moreover, traffic comes to a standstill during rush hours leaving you in a midst of a traffic jam. Dubai car rentals will take care of these issues letting you stay completely unaffected by them.