The Secret to Sparkling Clean Glasses

Restaurants need to ensure that every aspect of their premises is clean and hygienic. This applies to the catering equipment, the dining area, the kitchen, crockery, cutlery, cups and glasses. Most customers check that their glasses are clean when the waiter brings their drinks. If it is not clean, even if there is a speck on it, they will send it back and demand a new drink in a clean glass. This is their right, of course. Customers should be served refreshing drinks in clean glasses.

However, restaurants tend to get very busy and these small things are often missed, especially when the glasses are hand washed. Due to time constraints they may be washed quickly and not properly. For this reason, it is imperative that a restaurateur invests in catering equipment that is designed to wash a number of glasses and cups to crystal clear quality.

The DIHR Glass Dishwasher is the perfect catering equipment for this purpose and it is the secret to sparkling clean glasses. It is specifically designed to wash glasses and cups with a reasonable basket size of 350 x 350 millimetres. It can accommodate a maximum glass or plate height of 195 millimetres. In addition you can add cutlery and plates in this unit when required. It includes a mesh rack, a glass rack and a cutlery holder; and allows you to wash up to 30 racks per hour.

The DIHR Glass Dishwasher cleans cups and glasses on demand with a 120 per second wash cycle and consumes less than 2 litres of water per cycle. It is ideal if you are monitoring water consumption and want to save water per dishwashing cycle. In addition, it has a fully automatic process so you can continue with serving customers while the glasses and cups are being washed. For added convenience, it is manufactured with a gravity drain and the recommended drain height is at floor level.

This 33 kilogram unit is 400 x 470 x 570 millimetres in size and is small enough to fit either above or below a kitchen counter. This sleek catering equipment has a double skin door and a power output of 2.1 kilowatts. This allows you to keep the unit out of the way while maximising the productivity of the kitchen staff.

The DIHR Glass Dishwasher is ideal for coffee shops, restaurants, canteens and bars. It is efficient and takes all the hard work out of cleaning glasses and cups, thus ensuring that you have more focus on the customers’ requests.

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