The Tombstones and Creepy Old Crypts of Walt Disney World’s Haunted Mansion

Dear Lou…

We simply love the Haunted Mansion! Each time we go, we simply love checking out the graves before the entry, and we just saw the catacomb at the exit. zakład kamieniarski bydgoszcz Were they generally there (I don’t recollect the catacomb). Furthermore are the names on the graves of genuine individuals or just made-up?

Alright, first of all. I love the Haunted Mansion too! As far as I might be concerned, there isn’t anything else very like it in any park in WDW. The wistfulness, the impacts… it’s extraordinary.

Presently, on to the inquiries (presented to me by somebody during a new excursion to WDW, yet requested from me at least a couple of times).

The mausloeum toward the finish of the fascination was dependably there, yet might be disregarded by individuals who are as yet shaking, snickering, or running as they leave the Haunted Mansion. To the extent the headstones, they have been 100% of the time there… what’s more generally will be, I accept.

The Walt Disney World Haunted Mansion

The gravestones at the entry to the Dutch Gothic home of the Graceys are there to look good, yet are a quiet, standing accolade for a significant number of Walt Disney World’s (and particularly the Haunted Mansion’s) patrons. As is regularly done in attractions all through the parks, Imagineers honor those people who have made a portion of the genuine enchantment of WDW. In some cases they are covered up, while different occasions, as here, they are more self-evident.

After you go through the threatening created iron doors encompassing the Haunted Mansion, you will experience the home’s burial ground, (strategically placed just external the entry). Here you will track down various clever tombstones with commemorations (composed by Disney Legend Xavier Atencio), not to the “beloved kindred”, however in accolade for the numerous Imagineers who fostered the Haunted Mansion.

Here is a rundown of the headstone engravings and the Imagineers who enlivened them:


Francis Xavier,

no downtime for

acceptable conduct


Unbelievable Imagineer Francis Xavier “X” Atencio fostered the Haunted Mansion story line, composed the signature melody’s verses, and assisted accompany increasing with the gravestone engravings.

Dear withdrew

Sibling Dave,

he pursued a bear

into a cavern

This stone was named after Dave Burkhart, who was the model manufacturer for the Haunted Mansion .

At tranquil rest

lies Brother Claude,

planted here

underneath this grass

Claude Coats was the Imagineer who concocted the format of the OmniMover ride track for the Haunted Mansion, just as various idea outlines

A portion of the “beloved kindred”

In memory of

our patriarch,

dear left

Granddad Marc

Marc Davis, an unbelievable architect and craftsman for Disney, as liable for practically all of the idea workmanship for the Haunted Mansion, including a large number of the hilarious characters and scenes.

Ace Gracey

let go,

no grieving please

at his solicitation


Yale Gracey was liable for a considerable lot of the enhancements found in the Haunted Mansion , including the extending representations and the séance room, just as for various attractions all through Walt Disney World.

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