Shopping for girls has the advantage of making them more open to toys for boys, which is something that’s great. One example is He-Man, which had both “He” (the title) and “Man” (the title). It had a large, passionate girl fanbase. Although the He-Man girls were less popular than Barbie girls, the girl fanbase was large enough to produce He-Man’s sister-series She-Ra. On the other hand, if you were to see a boy with a Barbie doll you would probably do a double-take.

You don’t have to throw a dart at every toy catalog, but it does mean that you have some breathing space. Below is a list of Manly toys which will most likely get any girl giving us a “Gee…thanks…!” “I guess.” These might be great for shopping for boys but may not work well if shopping for girls.


While we aren’t going to pretend that every girl in the world would play with Transformers action toys, the franchise doesn’t seem to have much crossover appeal. Transformers are often compared to GI Joe because of their masculine and militaristic nature. You don’t want to buy Transformers for a girl if they don’t like Transformers.


Mega Bloks toys can be used by anyone. Anybody can enjoy putting together some plastic bricks and creating something amazing. The Plasma Dragon kits, which Mega Bloks has been releasing, are not a big hit with girls. These dragons are very fearsome, designed for combat and named after Viking war Gods. You also have the Mega Bloks Slime Egg, Vile Norvagen Wind Sprinter dragon. He’s so gross, it takes seven words to name him. These dragons are known to love to fight each other to prove their superiority, according to the information on the package. This toy is a great choice for boys. However, it’s not recommended for girls.


Toy cars can be divided into two categories: toys for boys and girls. It’s a good idea to ask yourself what you would do with a full-sized car if it were yours. It’s great for girls if the answer is “take long drives along the coast”, If you answered “Smash into other cars, Yoruba nation. The sophisticated appeal of a police cruiser equipped with missile launchers on the hood is not appreciated by most girls.

What a child is interested in is what it really matters. Some girls enjoy smashemup car chases while others love playing Dora and Diego with little sisters. It can be difficult to determine what a child is interested in if you are an aunt or uncle or grandparent or live elsewhere. The above should help to narrow down the situation.