The response is that a SB (single bitted) lock is a cam lock accessible in five unique lengths that is utilized in a wide range of uses. I will develop that definition giving you a reasonable picture on how adaptable the SB lock truly is.

The name SB means “single bitted”. Locksmith Milton Keynes This is the place where the cuts on the key are just on one side of the key. They are basically the same as a standard house key, just more modest. They are accessible in five distinct sizes from 3/8″ to 1-1/2″ long. Numerous makers make this kind of lock utilizing the standard 54G keyway. A few makers call this a utility lock. They are normally used to get cupboards, work areas, tool kits, utility cupboards and even paper towel containers found in rest rooms. These locks are viewed as low security.

SB Lock Features:

Cheap utility lock on standard 54G keyway
Built out of zinc bite the dust cast
Lock face could be zinc or hardened steel cap in chrome or dark
Accessible in five lengths
Can be keyed the same, keyed unique or expert keyed
Assuming that these locks are bought from an approved help community, they can be entered in heaps of one to thousands. They are utilized in applications where the thought is to keep legitimate individuals out. These locks are effectively crushed and ought not be utilized where higher security is essential.
SB locks inside use wafers as opposed to locking pins. These wafers are made from metal and are planned from 0 to 7 which will compare to the cuts on the key. For instance; on the off chance that wafers 1-3-5-3 are utilized, the key is additionally cut at 1-3-5-3. At the point when both match the lock will work.

SB locks from various makers can be combined and utilized as one as long as they all are on the 54G keyway. Keys from one maker ought to work locks from another producer. As a product type lock as a rule cost is the main consideration concerning where to buy these locks. Many are made in China where this sort of lock have been made for a really long time. The restricting variable in buying from China is the amount. A huge number of SB locks should be arranged at one time. Most makers that utilization this kind of lock buy them from approved assistance habitats where they can get them in any amount and get them uniquely gathered.

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