Why Is It Important to Display All Reviews on One Page?

An interesting report said that approximately 26 customers tend to remain silent about their bad experience with the product or service. What do they do instead? Well, if a customer does not file a complaint with the company, chances are bright that they choose to spread a word of a bad experience. The worse the experience, the more people will know about it! Therefore, you need to focus on both product quality and reviews to achieve a loyal customer gobeforebuy base.

How to Show Customers Reviews?

Many ecommerce platforms facilitate users to show page-wise reviews. But pagination is painful for the customers and visitors, especially when they access your website using a smartphone. Moreover, people have better experience in scrolling rather than clicking. There, technology brings another option: you can show all reviews in one page using gobeforebuy.com plugins. Various eCommerce platforms have customized plugins available to serve this purpose. For example, if you search for “show all reviews in one page woocommerce plugin”, you will come across several WooCommerce plugins available in the market.

In the current M-commerce age, if you show all reviews in one page on your ecommerce website, you have won the half battle! Let us see how it can be beneficial for your business:

Enhances Simplicity

Simple navigation, simple checkout, and even simple access to reviews. Your customers like everything simple! You work hard to keep product selection and checkout process simple. But, sometimes, you tend to ignore the Reviews. Like all other sections, reviews also need to be simple and readily accessible for your customers. If you show all reviews in one page, it would add up to the simplicity of your ecommerce store.

Highlights Transparency

A survey conducted on 3600 US and Canada-based revealed that 79% of consumers consider online reviews as trustworthy as personal recommendations. This finding shows the importance of customer reviews in the most effective way.

When a visitor is surfing through your website, they would like to go through all the available reviews for a specific product. When reviews are on a single page, it reflects your transparency as a brand. It is a small move. But, it enhances the credibility of your business.

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