Write Whilst You Travel and Earn

Humans have always been wanderers. Through the old days, people would move about in tribes, rove the great earth and depend on her bounty and best tours chiang mai nourishment. With the arrival of farming and commerce, we changed our lifestyle and settled down on a chunk of land laboring our entire lives. Every so often, we loved to pack up our stuff and go visit a fresh place. Nowadays, when the need to travel affects us, we go against our instinct to stay in our comfort zone and proceed to visit exotic and new places.

Then we travel the world, exhaust ourselves and chiang mai with kids come back to our every day lives. Back to our jobs and back to our spouses and families. Some of us may even have weblogs in which we record our journeys. Others may have pictures that they may show their family members every chance they get of their trip to Rome, Australia or Antarctica. Now picture if rather than wasting our experiences, we monetized them. Which is where being a travel affiliate comes in. These days, with the arrival of the web, it is becoming ridiculously easy to get published online. Not just that, almost all business is also conducted online. In the travel industry, nearly everybody use online internet sites to book their vacation packages, hotels and cruises. The travel industry is forever expanding.

Give it a try. Write a travel article detailing your experiences and include a couple of photos in their as well. Then, you simply market your article by sending the link to your pals and posting it up on Facebook or twitter. When a person visits your blog, reads your article and clicks on your travel affiliate link, you obtain a cut.

I am positive that you have a favorite web based travel agent. Everyone does! So why don’t you work for them as an independent freelance travel affiliate? Just about all online travel websites have genuine affiliate programs. Most of them are administered through commission junction. Commissions can range anywhere from 2 %-50% depending on the program. Think about that for a minute. How much does the average family spend on a travel package? A few thousand dollars, right? So your commission can range anywhere from $20 to $2000 or even more. You can actually concentrate on a certain sector such as cruises or you can even look at writing about African safaris. Do you have knowledge in a certain industry? Use it! Write a review article on a business hotel with the best conference facilities and then post a link to that hotel. If someone is seeking a excellent spot to hold a conference and books that hotel after clicking on your link, you get paid!

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